Monthly Archives: June 2010

What is Team Clock?

Team Clock is a simple path to healthy relationships and breakthough teams.  Relationships and teams that excel have important features in common.  They invest in a common vision despite fear of the consequences.  They practice trust and closeness even though it might produce conflict.  They are willing to take risks to innovate without being held back by the comfort of staying the same.  They adapt to change with the understanding that it requires letting go.  They hold themselves and each other accountable for wellness.

Team Clock provides a diagnostic tool as the organizing framework for teaching team effectiveness, diagnosing team challenges/needs, and targeting actions/interventions.  Simply, each member of the team participates in an assessment survey.  Results are analyzed revealing the strengths, vulnerabilities, areas of congruence and discord on the team.  A debriefing session is facilitated to discuss the results and identify targeted actions that will bring measurable change in team engagement and productivity.

Team Clock helps teams of all varieties to establish an action plan to achieve benchmark performance.  Team Clock has helped leaders achieve breakthrough results in business, school, sports, community and personal settings.  Team Clock provides a roadmap to healthier interactions.  From the moment a team begins its journey through the management of expected and unexpected changes, Team Clock is the simple path to mastering the complexities of breakthough teams.